Important Colorado Medicaid Doctors Information

Colorado to receive $65 million mental health grant

Colorado will receive $65 million of federal funds to help bring mental health treatment into primary-care doctors' offices, part of a plan to make sure more Coloradans receive mental health treatment when they need it.

The surprising way to stay safe in the hospital

When Kathy Day, a retired nurse in Bangor, Maine, received a diagnosis of uterine cancer, she decided to focus not only on how her condition would be treated but also on the way she wanted to be ...

Doctors face steep Medicaid cuts as fee boost ends

Primary care doctors caring for low-income patients will face steep fee cuts next year as a temporary program in President Barack Obama's health care law expires. That could squeeze access just when millions of new...

Defense contractors find new business in Obamacare

Two years ago General Dynamics, one of the biggest federal contractors, reported a quarterly loss of $2 billion. An "eye-watering" result, one analyst called it.

Eagle County paramedics cut costs with in-home health care services

One doctor said Bettie Tymkovich's staph-infected toe had to go. Another doctor saved it but released her from the hospital with strict rules about care and treatment.

Federal contractors now find opportunities for growth in healing, not war

General Dynamics and others are increasingly finding opportunities for growth not in war, but in healing.

CBD in Colorado: Seeking a marijuana miracle

Hundreds of families have moved to Colorado in hopes of healing their sick children — kids conventional medicine has failed. They're turning to a liquid form of marijuana that has helped some, but not all. This is the story of 12-year-old Preston and his mother, Ana.

Colorado health plans collaborate to create data-sharing solution for care providers

DENVER, Dec. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Seven health plans in Colorado are collaborating on a multi-payer data-sharing online tool that aims to enhance and improve the delivery of care for Colorado residents. The idea emerged from the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative, a national collaboration among public and private health plans to strengthen primary care. Health plans participating in ...

Hard choices: Will America face up to her challenges?

On a crisp, sun-splashed morning last week, former Colorado Gov. Richard D. Lamm sat down in his University of Denver office with Daily Camera editorial page editor Dave Krieger for a wide-ranging conversation about many of the difficult issues Lamm discusses in the public policy courses he teaches at DU.

Special report: A broken mental health system

Dee Fleming tried to protect her son from the voices in his head, the ones that told him he should die.


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