Important Colorado Medicaid Doctors Information

Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges MD's with Proof a Hospital or Healthcare Facility Is Upcoding Their Medicare ...

The Corporate Whistleblower Center is urging medical doctors, or healthcare professionals, to call them at 866-714-6466, if they possess significant proof a hospital or healthcare facility is upcoding their Medicare bills as a way to unjustly obtain higher payments from the government. The Center believes upcoding Medicare bills is a multi-billion dollar nationwide problem, which has been newly ...

Wonkblog: Wonkbook: The ever-expanding Medicaid expansion

Another argument against the Medicaid expansion just got weaker.

Direct Primary Care: An Innovative Alternative to Conventional Health Insurance

W ith new concerns over the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) [1] on access to care and continued frustration with third-party reimbursement, innovative care models such as direct primary care may help to provide a satisfying alternative for doctors and patients.

Medicaid expansion dilemmas: Mental health care demands, impact of managed care, non-expansion states squeezed

The health law built in changes to the system of coverage for lower-income people. Mental health centers in Colorado are seeing a surge in new clients seeking services under the state's expansion of Medicaid.

Numbers Of Americans With Health Plans Way Up, But States Vary

The biggest jump since 2013 has been in states that expanded Medicaid and created insurance exchanges. Arkansas has fared best — reducing its percentage of uninsured from 22 to 12.

US health plan numbers way up; states vary

A Gallup poll released Tuesday suggests the Affordable Care Act is significantly increasing the number of Americans with health insurance, especially in states that are embracing it. It echoes previous Gallup surveys, and similar findings by the Urban Institute and Rand Corp.

U.S. Sees A Spike In Number Of Insured, But It Depends On The State

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U.S. Sees A Spike In Number Of Insured, But It Depends On State

The number of people with insurance in the U.S. is rising, according to a poll by Gallup. The poll shows that states that ran with the Affordable Care Act saw the largest reductions in the uninsured.

Colorado consumers get new tool to compare hospital prices

Consumers get a new tool to compare prices for select procedures at hospitals across Colorado as a website called Colorado Medical Price Compare,, goes live Thursday.

Concierge medicine adding providers

In the swirling current that is today’s health care industry, some Colorado Springs providers are going against the flow. Dr. Mark Tomasulo, owner of the soon-to-open PeakMed Direct Primary Care on the east side, and Flying Horse Medical Center owners Dr. Aaron Frasier and Ryen “Hitz” Hitzler have carved their own niche from a health… Continue Reading Concierge medicine adding providers


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